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Fire extinguisher that stylizes your kitchen

compact fire extinguisher for the kitchen xIsH4 59

For the translation woes we cannot exactly telly you where this handy and trendy fire-extinguisher comes from but that apart, it is one of the must haves of an amateur cook’s kitchen. I don’t really adore those huge red-cylinders hanging in the kitchen for they somewhat rob it of its glory but you cannot do without it at the same time. This notion takes a U-turn if those extinguishers are 9cms in diameter and 15cms in height just as the one pictured above. To top it all the best part is that you really cannot make out whether it actually is an extinguisher or some chic gadget to assist you in your kitchen chores. I am certainly going to shell £45 for this provided someone tells me the place where it is getting retailed.

Via: Bem Legaus