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Five simple yet practical tips to growing a lush garden

Lush Gardening Tips

Having extra space around the house for gardening is a blessing. One does not need a vast piece of land of green growing things; only determination, patience and proper care and voila! You get the fruits of your labor, your very own relaxing and lush garden. Whether you have a “green thumb” or are a newbie in growing greens as a hobby, this gardening guide is meant for you.


Soil preparation is the first thing that one should take into consideration. Great soil spells a great garden. So for a lush garden, lots of compost is the key. If your garden has poor soil to start with, mix in a lot of organic matter before you plant. It is also advised to add organic matter once every year to maintain a lush and healthy garden. Fertile soil does not entirely ensure a lush garden. With a little and regular helping of fertilizers, your plants will flourish as they should in a lush garden.

Grow Greens for lush garden

Flowers in a garden are great to look at, but lush gardens also happen to have a lot of greens. Leafy foliage plants, evergreens, perennials, and annuals will help create a greener and lush garden. Planting closer together to fill in the garden space can help achieve a lush look. Placing them closer to each other also helps in crowding out the weeds. Planting ornamental grass can fill in space easily as well.


Place tall plants at the border of the property working with smaller plants towards the center of the garden space. You can use tall plants such as evergreens at the border then shorter shrubs going toward the middle to create a lush feel. Layering your greens gives a sense of enclosure and private ambiance to your garden. Adding a pergola or trellis also adds height to your garden. Plant a vine to cover the structure which gives density to the yard. A structure laden with vines also provides a lovely, little shade to the garden. Using plants with broad leaves such as with tropical plants add to a lush look. Plants with different colors and textures give thicker and fuller foliage.


Apart from sunlight and nutrients from the soil, plants also need water. Giving your plants a daily dose of water will keep them fresh and healthy always. Mulching can save on water by keeping moisture in the soil longer. Do not scrimp yet do not waste water on your plants to achieve that lush garden look.

Weather Monitor

Another gardening essential is to track daily weather conditions. Farmers, as well as gardeners, nowadays need to monitor weather conditions to make sure that their plants are growing in a prime environment. For gardeners, the two most important weather variables are temperature and rainfall. Personal weather stations are now available to keep track of these two important factors to help achieve a healthy garden. The Weather Station Advisor, a team which helps weather enthusiasts to choose the most suitable weather instruments, can inform gardeners which weather instruments to use and how data from these instruments can benefit them.

For instance, these personal weather stations can give valuable information on the amount of rain, if it is enough to keep the soil moist or if the temperature is too cold for the plants. The gardener, therefore, is better informed and can plan what to do to give the plants the best environment that it needs.

With all these tips and tools on hand, growing and maintaining an actual lush garden will be a success, whether you are “green thumb” or not.

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