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How to Fix a Hot Tub

Working with a hot tub can be a tricky job as the most difficult part you usually encounter is how to find the problem area. The leaks are generally too small to be located easily. The hot tub bath is so tempting that you cannot leave your bath tub unattended for long. If the problem appears to be worth handling, go ahead to resolve it. However, electrical appliances need some level of skill in handling else you may increase your problem. If you cannot fix the problem (apparently based on your common judgment and understanding), it is advisable to take professional help. For common repair issues, following the guide given below.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Resources Required:

  1. Basic tool set (including wrenches)
  2. Knife
  3. PVC sealing glue
  4. Colored water (you can mix edible color to water)
  5. Shock sanitizer
  6. Liquid calcium


1. Locate the problem area: The first requirement is to find the problem area in your tub. If it’s a leak, locate it; you cannot proceed until the leak is visible. You may have to look at several places before you can find the actual position of repair. Sometimes, the flow may appear from a place located distantly from the leak. A clever idea is to use colored water to find the leak. You may also want to check for power supply. In case, the fuse wire is broken, replace it with an appropriate one.

2. Check the pump and valve: First of all, turn off the power before you start repair work. The hot tub pump leak is an usual problem. Occasionally, the seal on the pump may leak which is easily replaceable. You may also check for any fault with the union fittings. It is common to find them loosely connected due to continuous use, or done in shipment. Manually tighten the loose connections. Next, you may proceed to check the valves. In due course, valves tend to leak; this is particularly applicable to the gasket on the knife style valves. If any of the valves have defect, replace them as soon as possible.

3. Check the heater and filter: You can check the heater assembly manifold. It consists of several components like pressure switch and other surrounding components. You may need to replace any of the parts underlying to fix the problem. The filters have to be washed thoroughly and carefully on a regular basis.

4. Some more components to be scrutinized: If you still cannot find the leak, check thoroughly reaching all connections including all pipes and jets. While doing this, tighten the loose connections. Seal those that are leaking and replace weak spa gaskets. In case of cracked pipes, the PVC sealing glue can be used. The green water can be due to growth of algae. In case the water is foamy, test and add liquid calcium. You may have to remove all the water and fill it again. Use a shock sanitizer to remove it. If the water is not heating properly or takes too long to heat, check the thermostat to ensure it is at the appropriate level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I perform the leak test?

At times, identifying the leak source can be annoying. If you face a similar situation, use colored water instead of usual water (which is colorless). You can add some edible color to the water. This way, observing the leak becomes easier. Alternately, empty the tub slowly. Observe the level at which the leaking stops. This will give the possible location of leak. When both these methods fail to resolve the problem, it is advisable to call a hot tub repair specialist. You cannot proceed until the problem area is located.

Quick Tips:

  • Working with electrical appliance needs caution. In case of doubt, call for assistance.
  • The ready-made blended concentrate material available in the market can also be used for convenience.

Things To Watch Out For:

Water is a good conductor of electricity. So, be cautious while working with electric wires as you may get shock.