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Flowerbox: Unique, natural touch on your walls


Flowerbox is a very unique and yet natural way to adorn your walls. Give your room a natural tinge and freshness, return the greenery to your home with Flowerbox coming from the design vaults of Thibault de Breyne and Philippe Tisserand. Flowerbox is an ingenious way to decorate your room with plants. But don’t be mistaken, this is not your usual run of the mill vase. Instead the Flowerbox attaches flowers to your walls by making use of a substrate plant called mikro. This plant is capable of retaining the water in vertical direction and also provides nutrients to the plant growing on it. Just get a Flowerbox and hang it on the wall. The plants will grow vertically and look amazing while doing it. Flowerbox comes in a variety of custom-makes and as a design is both stylish and affordable.

Via: Trendsnow

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