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FLUID tap turns upside down

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We tend to bend down or use a mug to rinse our mouth for the very simple reason that the taps are at lower height. I guess you no more have to carry out this practice, FLUID is here with the ideal solution. Fluid is a smart tap by Fachhochschule Hannover Ernst Köhler that promises to meet your needs without asking for extra efforts. If you wanna wash your hands, turn down the FLUID’s ‘nose’ and when you want to rinse out your mouth or take a gulp of water, turn up the nose. If you further up or down the tap, flow of water increases. To stop the tap, out the nose to the horizontal position and the water stops flowing. Also, there is a regulator on the side that helps control the water temperature. I like fluid for it doesn’t ask me to bend down or look for a glass/mug each time I want to rinse my mouth.