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Groovy Green: Eco-chic Panton Chairs!

chair 3

Students of International School of Monza have come up with the great idea for the Panton Chair which was designed by Verner Panton in the late fifties. The chair is completely covered in plastic made from a single mold. Following creativity with eco-sustainability theme, the students using paper pulp, jute clothes, passing through jars of yoghurt, rice, mirrors, toys, newspapers, aluminum lids, corrugated cardboard, plastic caps, packaging, CD, plastic bags, cans and bottle bottoms found on beaches to give Panton Chair a new look. The “19 Green Panton Chair” collection before Christmas will be auctioned with the aim to help the Foundation Onlus AFRICABOUGOU for village development in sub Saharan Africa. Loved each of these eco-chic chairs!


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Via: Abitare