Guide to Renovate Your Bristol House Before Moving

Renovate Your Bristol House Before Moving

Congratulations! You just signed a lease. Before getting excited and moving in, do a quick look at your new home. Do you like the layout? What about the wallpaper? The floor? If you’re planning to stay long-term, it’s best to renovate now. You don’t want to come home to a house you don’t fancy, do you?

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is getting too excited at the prospect of a new house. Don’t let your emotions sway you. Look at your house from a third person’s perspective. Is it really the house you envisioned? If not, it’s time to call the renovators.

Remember, never move in prematurely. You will have a hard time renovating when your stuff is already in the way. Worse, it will incur a lot of additional expenses.

Here, we have listed some tips on how to renovate your Bristol house before moving. If you just bought your house, it might be beneficial for you to read ahead.

1.    Create a budget

budget for home renovation project

As with any home renovation project, it’s only wise to create a budget. Set an actual limit. Even if you have the extra money in your bank account, home renovation projects without a budget can easily drain your savings. Write down the number and talk to your contractors directly not to go above it.

2.    List down essential & non-essential renovations

Another reason why you need to set a budget limit is so you can separate the essential renovations from the non-essentials. Ask yourself, what exactly are your must-haves and what can you go without?

List them down in order of priority. Are carpet floors more important than a new paint job? What about a modern kitchen? Would you like to have that over a third bathroom? This way, you know which ones to have done.

3.    Prioritise Repairs

If you’re buying a pre-owned house, it’s inevitable to encounter sections that will need repairs. Before you work on improving your house aesthetics, prioritise house repairs. You want to get all your electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating in order so you can have a hassle-free living experience.

4.    Work With Professionals

Another rookie mistake by first-time homeowners is trusting non-professionals. While non-licensed contractors may offer a lower rate, they usually end up with shoddy or faulty end results. Sadly, many homeowners have to resort to a half-finished house because the contractors they got weren’t complete professionals.

5.    Get Involved

Questions You Should Ask Your Roofing Contractors

It’s your house and your money. You need to get involved. Let your contractors know what you want and make sure they keep to it. Get involved as much as you can. If you can stay within the property while they work, that would be great. This ensures a better end result. It also guarantees that you won’t be disappointed as you can check every step they make. Don’t hesitate to voice out your concerns even with minor details like using the wrong paint shade.

Are you thinking of building a home instead of renovating? Here are Things to Consider When Building A Home.

6.    Ask for receipts

Even if you’ve worked with the contractors prior to your current renovation, it’s still better to be sure. Make it a habit to ask for receipts and invoices if they’re buying the materials for you. Personally, I ask my contractors what they need and purchase it myself. This way, I’m sure of the price.

7.    Request for a timeline

If you’re paying contractors per day instead of as a one-time project, make sure to request a timeline. While it’s not that common anymore, some contractors intentionally prolong the project for a higher bill. When they give a timeline, constantly check if it’s being followed or not.

8.    Do a post-project inspection

Once your contractors notify you that the home renovation project is done, do a post-project inspection of every inch. It’s better if you do this with your contractors nearby. If not, you can document it with your phone. This way, you have proof in the case of internal disputes. Take note of any errors that might make your stay difficult.

9.    Hire a Man and Van

Young couple watching movers move boxes from the moving van

Are you satisfied with the home renovation? Congratulations! You can now finally move in to your new place. Consider hiring a full removals service or a man and van service in Bristol instead of DIY-ing your move. Moving should be a happy moment, a hassle-free experience. Breaking your stuff in transit will not only dampen the mood but also incur additional expenses. In some extreme cases, it can also result in physical injuries, especially if you’re not used to manual labour.

Hiring a man and van to move your belongings is also ideal when you are looking for ways to save on money after your home renovation project. Just be sure to compare multiple man and van services to make sure you get the best prices possible.

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