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Halo UV-ST Vacuum For A Germ Free Home!

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A sparkling clean house, minus the unseen germs, is what Halo‘s UV-ST Ultraviolet Vacuum offers to its users! Designed as a full-size vacuum cleaner, it comes as a handy product that can be used with ease. It is loaded with all the features of other high-end vacuums but with one distinct characteristic of killing the germs instantly with the help of its UV-technology, and not any strong chemicals. You get to choose between five different settings on the base, which makes it easy for you to move immediately from carpet and rugs to tile and wood. Superior quality HEPA material is used to make the disposable dust filter bags which guarantees maximum air filtration and traps 99.7 percent of pollen, dust mites and other elements that result in allergies. It accompanies a long cord which lets you clean every corner of your house with the utmost comfort!