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How to clean tile floors

As we are all aware that keeping a house clean and tidy is a very tiresome responsibility. Especially when there are children at home it’s really a tough and time consuming task. Right from cleaning the floor to keeping the things right at place, it should be kept in mind that having a clean and neat environment at house would keep you healthy and happier. In today’s busy life where even women started working equally as men, it is difficult for them to manage both work and home life. Balancing both work life and home is a challenging undertaking. But keeping in mind the health and happiness of the family, one has to make sure to put neatness as their first priority. Keeping the house clean includes different tasks. We will here be discussing how one can put the tile floors clean, what are the things required to do it and the procedure to be followed for the same. At the same time, precautions if any to be followed while cleaning the tile floors are to be examined.

What you are going to need

Cleaning the tile floors as mentioned is a very tedious and tiresome responsibility. One should clean the tile floors on regular basis to avoid them being grubby and faded. Let us first look into the required items for cleaning the tile floors such as broom or vacuum cleaner; water, bucket, mop and disinfectant.

Things to keep in mind

Before discussing about the procedure, certain precautions have to be taken while cleaning the tile floor which includes
-Two different mops have to be used for cleaning the floor twice.
-Gloves should be used while scrubbing on hard dust stains using strong purifiers.
-Water has to be changed twice, so that no dust particles remain on the floor or in the water.


Firstly, it is required to clean the dry floor with broom or vacuum cleaner so that no dust particles are left out on the floor. It is required to make sure that all the directions of the floor and corners are proper covered while sweeping or vacuum cleaning. The dust particles have to thoroughly put aside and removed.

Before cleaning with the mop using disinfectant, it is necessary to scrub the hard dust stains through scrubber wearing gloves using strong mixture of sterilizers that are specifically used to remove hard stains especially in corners.

One should make sure that the disinfectant that are particularly used to remove hard stains have to be first spread on those stains and make them absorb for some time. It will help us in removing those stains easily.

The next step involves taking water in a bucket and mixing disinfectant that provide a good smell into the water to clean the floor with wet mop.

Before cleaning the floor thoroughly, the dirt water has to be replaced with the fresh water without any purifiers and clean the tile floor with plain water so that the remaining purifiers or dust present on the floor can be removed.

Last but not the least, dry mop has to be used for cleaning the tile floors so, that any excess water present on the floor will be removed making the floor dry and clean.