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How to repair laminate wood floor

A laminated wooden flooring has today become the demand of urban population. Easy installation, artistic potential and beautiful looks are the ultimate features that make it the most sought after finish lately. An added advantage you will have if you know how to repair it. So, join me if you really like saving money and hate calling the professionals each time you feel an urge.

Difficulty level: Moderately hard

Time required: 3-6 Hrs.

Estimated cost: $50-200

Resources required:
1. laminate flooring
2. screwdriver
3. laminate floor repair kit
4. hammer
5. WW Henry subfloor skim coat compound

Steps involved:

1. Identification of the problem block
Before commencing any repair process you need to first locate the area and its span. You ought to know how big the problem is.

2. Numbering the laminate flooring
Just to avoid confusion you should be sure to mark and number the wood flooring before you initiate the removal process. You can use the wax pencil from your laminate repair kit for this purpose. Marking the floor means that you find least difficulties while reassembling them. Every wood piece has a proper shape and place, that’s why this step is considered so vital.

3. Remove the molding
It is imperative that you remove the molding before you can take out the laminate floor. Be cautious not to damage the molding in any case. Loosen it gently. A hammer or a screw driver is can help you perform this act.

4. Detach the laminate floor
To reach to the affected board, you have to one by one remove all the boards leading to the damaged piece. Take it out and put the removed boards in order for your own convenience.

5. Repair the affected portion
To repair the affected portion you can use the Henry subfloor skim coat compound. This substance fills the low spots and levels the floor. If the board is too badly affected a replenishment may be the final requirement. In this case, just remove the board and place another block of same size and magnitude.

6. Reinstall the floor and the molding
After you are done with the replacement or repair work, put the subfloor back in order. Thereafter reinstall the molding to its place with the help of a hammer. Now, your floor should be looking as good as new provided you were careful in your work.

Quick Tips:

1. While repairing peaks you can take out the spacers and place thinner ones. This ends the problem.
2. Application of glue is not required as laminate floors automatically regain their position.
3. Always track back in reinstallation of the boards.
4. Avoid wetting your floor for any reason. Quickly clean the spills or it may lead to a bend in the molding.
5. Be sure to match the color while using your laminate kit.
6. If there are no spacers in between the boards you can take out the penultimate piece and cut it exactly half inches to allow for extra space.

Things to watch out for:

1. While using hammer to set the molding back to its position, ascertain that you don’t break the molding. Else it would be as good as the older one.
Frequently asked questions:

1.What are the contents of a laminate repair kit?
A laminate repair kit is tailor made to repair a wood laminate floor. It consists of acrylic or latex putty and wax pencils or crayons which are color coded to match the floor. You can find it at your local flooring storing. If not, you can also access it by internet.