I Conci’s Stone Bathtubs and Sinks: Attesting Italian Artistry

nilo washstand marble bath tub i conci italy in w1

Italian artisans boast mastery in taking natural essentials and convert them into gorgeous masterpieces suggestive of old-style craftsmanship. I Conci intensifies the portrayal of contemporary bath rooms to yet another level through their visibly distinct and very bold forms. The Nilo series utilizes a rounded triangular shape for a dramatic statement. The neat curves of a bathtub and sink carved out of a piece of natural marble lend a great appearance to your bathroom. Creating magic, the Colorado set employs disparate outer straight lines providing the sink with a really chic look.

Interestingly enough, Niagara exhibits inner rounded shapes for a unique and eye-catching visual call. The charisma of this everlasting splendor gives your abode or backyard the allusion of perpetuity. This blend of modern technology with old-style masterly strokes clearly hold I Conci in the greatest esteem.

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natural stone sink and bath tub i conci of italyab

Source: FurnitureStoreBlog

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