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Ikan Wireless Scanner for the most contemporary grocery shoppers

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If your grocery stocks are running out and you don’t have the time and energy to go to your grocery store for a refill then consider shopping with the Ikan Wireless Scanner. Basically, it is a counter top unit, the size of a toaster, with wireless (Wi-Fi) technology. Working with it is very simple. All you have to do is register it first. Then place the empty container of the item you want to refill in front of it before disposing it off. It will scan the barcode and save it up. You can prepare a digital list of items that you want to buy this way and then connect it to your online system through which you can place the order directly with your dealer. The desired products will be delivered at your doorstep in about three hours.

If you don’t want to loose out on your personal shopping experience you can always print out the list of the items that you want to buy and take it to the retail store yourself. You can also tune your Ikan to alert you, through e-mail, when the stock of any of your supply is going down and needs to be replaced. The voice recorder of Ikan also lets you staple on products when no bar code is available. Lastly, the Ikan also lets you know if a container is recyclable and how best to dispose it off.

It sure looks like the Ikan Wireless Scanner is going to be in great demand in today’s busy, time-crunched and environmentally-conscious world.

Via: Fashion Newsweek