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Inspiring ‘Front and back’ apartment – Slyly hidden TV!

front and back

It’s not often that we come up with architectural design at Hometone but this one truly deserves a mention. Sneak a peek into the apartment pictured above. Well, it’s the “Front and back” dwelling by h2o architects. It’s one classy apartment with a stunning maze of storage and six small-sized rooms! The white interiors, stylish storage system, innovative compartmentalized and contorted geometry simply add to the opulence of the apartment. Besides the whole design, what makes this stylish apartment the best of the rest and the source of inspiration for all is the stunning hideaway TV set behind. The television hiding slyly behind a door of inlaid bookshelves is sure to keep the guests wondering if the trendy apartment is missing something…a TV!

Via: Unplggd