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Interactive wine cabinet-Techie way to store your vintages

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There was a time when the wine collection was restricted to a population with elitist cellars and those who shared a complex culture of wine. Then came a turning point and anybody who loved wine could store them with ease. Yet again came the change and today, you have oodles of choices available. Wine cellars that help you store your vintages. The Smart wine cabinet by Romain Bourrée being such a great exemplar! Its one interactive wine storage unit that with the interactive multi-touch plateau lets you store your favorite vintages in a cool way that no other cabinet does. The wine cabinet is connected to a network of twenty-first century which serves as a mediator to enrich language learning experience of tasting. Refining the taste of in wine, the user can easily manage the bottles in a small area. All you wine lovers, the smart wine cabinet is just cool!

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