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It may cause envy: Mini Kitchen Desk

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How much space can you allot to your kitchen, where would you place all the utensils you use therein, and who doesn’t care for the look it must possess? Needless to say, each homemaker would like to utilize the limited space at his/her living place to carve out a kitchen out of it with a difference. That’s why this Mini Kitchen Desk is so very practical and handy coz it’s style that matters along with the usability. To me, it appears to be a whirling counter asking you what place are suited most for me. It’s pretty movable and bears a chic look. The under-cabinet storage allows you a breathing space for placing the chairs in. Hey, what’s even more interesting is that you can expose it to your drawing room and it would itself cause envy to the beholders who cast an eye upon it.

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Source: Likecool