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Jot dry-erase refrigerator is a doodler’s dream

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Being an artistic soul I used to draw and doodle on any and every surface I could get my crayons on as a kid. It got me into a hell lot trouble back then. That’s why I’m so glad this appliance manufacturer called Amana created Jot, a dry-erase refrigerator. The magical fridge comes with a dry erase finish that lets anyone draw or write anything on its surface without leaving a permanent mark. This allows you to jot down lists, notes and the kids can have a field day drawing all over it. Of course its appeal doesn’t lie solely on its doodle-friendly surface. The $549 fridge also features a contoured door with hidden hinges, dual up-front temperature controls, SpillSaver glass shelves and Garden Fresh Crisper drawers to keep your fridge organized. Go ahead then, jot on!

Source: CNet

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