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Keep fruits fresh with BLUE

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Each time I looked at an apple withered up because I missed eating it, or at a banana all squashy because it had been left untouched for a day, I wondered whether technology couldn’t do anything to help. It seems my prayers have been answered. BLUE keeps your fruits fresh and sumptuous and renders going to the market everyday to buy fresh fruits unnecessary. You can buy fruits for a couple of days and store them without worrying about them rotting.

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This unique gadget works on Action Fresh Blue technology, which ahs been successfully used in Halo vacuum and certain refrigerators. So what does this great tool do? It kills bacteria to prolong the lives of fruits, without diminishing in any way the nutrition content of the fruits. Moreover, the bowl is super stylish with a half semi-circle looming over the bowl. And here is the best part, a ring of blue light glows around the bowl when it is working. BLUE comes with a charger, and thanks to its convenient On/Off and Charge switches, is very easy to operate. The bowl is detachable and washable, and thus is wonderfully low-maintenance.
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Source: Envee Apparel