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KWC Waterstation for your kitchen

Aimed at reducing clutter and water wastage in your kitchen, the KWC water station is a multifunctional workstation that concentrates on fulfilling all your water-based requirements in the kitchen. The unit features freely rotating boards and accessories like a round stainless steel bowl, stainless steel tray, stainless steel drainer tray, mahogany cutting board and mahogany cutting board with cut-outs. A centralized point of water delivery ensures more effective and time-reducing function while a revolving cage in the unit’s base also acts as a storage area for utensils. The Waterstation is 36” in height and houses a rotation carousel with a removable waste sorting system. You can install the freestanding Waterstation as an island, a built-in corner unit, or as a built-in counter unit.

Price: $10,200

Source: Quality Bath

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