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Lexham Bedside Table feels the heat; changes color

Lexham Bedside Tables by Studio801

Designer Mike Kann from Studio801crafts inimitable home furniture pieces that unlike the conventional ones already up for sale inthe market stand out of the crowd. Lexham Bedside Table is one exemplar that’s crafted in pretty unique way.

Designer Mike Kann says:

The use of acute angles to form the legs creates a forced perspective from certain angles,while the digitally crafted inlay work creates the illusion that the flat tiered sections are warping.

Crafted out of Corian material that’s well known for its tactility and versatility, the CNC mill is created craftily on the horizontal surface with the spaces for the inlay of 137 pieces of thermochromic liquid crystal sheet, laser cut artistically.

The design of the table is made to create responsive surface, all thanks to the thermochromic sheet used in the making of the table. The temperature sensitive material changes color from deep red to dark blue thereby indicating temperature changes in the range of 29 to 34. So whenever you place the hot cup on the table, the color would change.

Via: Mocoloco