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LG shows off Mendini styled Kimchi refrigerator

kimchi r t758mhmw

When LG is out with something we know, it has to be best! Once again, the company has proved that it has nothing but the best to coerce the consumers to cheerfully get ready for some holes in their pockets. The master designer Alessandro Mendini has introduced the pattern in kimchi ‘R-T758MHMW’ refrigerator. Enabling the users automatically adjust the brightness of the display, the refrigerator is endowed with the Magic, sangkan drawer space-free Box (Free Box), smooth curvy handle, LED yachaesil and -35 teuknaengsil vacuum sealed, removable door moving ice maker ultra-low power linear compressors the all new LG refrigerator is indeed unrivaled.

kimchi r t758mhmw12
kimchi r t758mhmw10
kimchi r t758mhmw8
kimchi r t758mhmw9
kimchi r t758mhmw13

kimchi r t758mhmw1
kimchi r t758mhmw3
kimchi r t758mhmw4
kimchi r t758mhmw5
kimchi r t758mhmw6
kimchi r t758mhmw7

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