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LG TROMM Styler takes good care of your clothes


Dirty clothes find their place in the washing machine but there are many that need to be handled with care. You can’t just wash them like other clothes. Then what’s the solution to manage these? To help combat this problem LG Electronics has rolled out its new home product named ‘TROMM Styler’. It’s a household clothing-managing system that helps maintain clothes that hard to wash. It helps get rid of wrinkles and smells from the clothing, sterilizing and drying the clothing. All thanks to the steam process and moving hangar. The ‘styling course’ to remove wrinkles, smells, and micro dusts, the ‘drying course’ to prevent contraction of clothes, the ‘sterilizing course’ to remove 99% of various germs on cloths. All you need to do is hang the delicate clothes inside and leave the rest on ‘TROMM Styler’.

lg 1 Via: Aving