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L.O.F.T home workstation for small apartments

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Designer Maciek Wojcick is here once again to take you all by surprise. He has recently designed a workstation that’s simple yet functionally smart. Designed specifically to cater to need of small cramped spaces, this interactive workstation named L.o.f.t. has been shortlisted for Helen Hamlyn Design Award this year. Fully adjustable workstation performs its tasks well to help you do the same. Fluorescent and cold strip lighting in line fixtures of 4000 K light too is adjustable to the needs and preferences of the user. Not only this, the assembling and dissembling of L.O.F.T doesn’t ask for two people or extra tools. When not in use, you can easy put aside or hang on the rail-leg wedged shelf equipped with hooks. Intersted guys can check it out at an RCA Show scheduled to be held this September in London, Kensington Gore, SW7 2EU.

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Thanks Maciek Wojcick!