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Luxor hydromassage bathtub with 14-inch LCD video screen

the luxor MYGQH 58

So you’ve had a killer work week and you just wanna spend your Friday night soaking in your Jacuzzi and let the hydromassage jets do all the working. But that would also mean having to miss out on catching recordings of your favorite TV shows. Quite a catch-22 situation, innit? But worry not, the all-new Luxor hydromassage bathtub addresses that dilemma for you with its swanky new 14-inch LCD flat screen with video input that fits into the wall of your whirlpool bathtub and can be hooked to your DVD player, Sky DTH, or even cable so you can enjoy the twin pleasures of a relaxing soak with adjustable air message coupled with a week’s worth of your daily soap. Adjustable water jets, fluorescent underwater light, super bass connection and built-in shampoo and body wash dispensers greatly enhance your bath pleasures while dual padded head rests make sure you and your special someone can enjoy a cozy night in together!

Price: £2995

Source: Divapor