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Medieval Dragon Hourglass: 3-min sandtimer

medeival dragon hourglass

A time piece through which I came across recently is somewhat terrific, it gives a feeling of fear and terror and it fairly represents medieval age to some extent. This ‘Medieval Dragon Hourglass’ is just to satisfy your aggressive imagery, having two dragons holding the hour glass very strongly. Well, we always want to achieve victory over time, in this time piece, two mythological creatures are fighting fiercely and it seems that they are stuck together and bound to fight continuously over the departing moments of the period. From now onwards, whenever you to have to solve a puzzle before time ends just look at these violent dragons holding the time for you, so don’t get confused, show your never ending and never giving up zest, be a winner before the sand falls down. The dragon hourglass is priced at $85.

Source: Dvice