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Melamine Tableware makes dishwashing a rosy task!


One of the most irksome kitchen jobs is washing dishes and it’s not a one time a day indeed you gotta wash them numerous times. Melamine Tableware by Stewart Cole turns this weary job into the fun and creative. How? It allows the user to playfully stack the items in a creative, formal, practical and space saving manner. Add the strips of Velcro to any surface, vertical or horizontal, as per you desire thereby converting it into storage space. Add the cutlery and crockery to these velcro strips and leave the dishes to drain. Also, you can remove the crockery holders with contents connected and place onto another velcro surface. Place the cutlery in the holders and stack them in a drawer, and simply remove the premade set the next time you need cutlery, as simple as that! Easily portable, this smart system improves the storage, presentation and storage of your cutlery and crockery! Almost indestructible, this dishwasher proof system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Be creative and enjoy yourself whilst undertaking vital chores like washing and drying up.