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Michael Jackson’s wild furniture designs soon to be up for auction

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All you die-hard MJ fans surely would love to know each bit of his life. Here, lets talk about his home furnishing taste. Undoubtedly classy, the flamboyantly bizarre furniture lying in Michael Jackson’s den is exclusively in terms of design and price. He spent more than $700,000 on his home furnishings before he died. All these unique pieces of furniture were ordered for a London mansion where he was supposed to live in during the run of his “This Is It” tour but unfortunately, he couldn’t see what the Italian furniture maker Colombostile had come up with. Unique, classy, colorful and wild, each piece speaks out loud for its inimitability and Michael’s classy taste.

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These furniture pieces include lavish sofas, a crystal-encrusted chair, a desk with a secret compartment and a chair specifically for his friend Elizabeth Taylor to sit in when she came to visit. If you’re one of those MJ’s diehard fans who would love to take his wild and unique furniture pieces home then I have a good news. These furniture designs will soon be up for auction. We’ll keep you informed. Stay tuned!

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