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Things to keep in mind while buying the biggest HDTV for your home

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In today’s times, we look for means to entertain ourselves. Entertainment, in technological world, comes in the form of improvised and advanced gadgets, specially in the world of television, where everything is going digital. TV has become the biggest source of entertainment and its manufacturers are trying hard to woo their customers by introducing new features. One such advancement is HDTV or the high definition television. If you are planning to an HDTV, but do not know the complete facts, read through this article. You would learn about important features of HDTV which would make your options easy.

1. The screen: All the sets whether they are 40″ or bigger have resolution of 1080p. It is best to opt for an HDTV which has 1080p. This resolution gives you the maximum details for all kinds of High Definition content. Smaller models of HDTVs have a resolution of 1366 x 768 p. These are available at a lower cost. A set with 720p has to scale down the images to 1080p to match to its resolution. Imaging artifacts may be introduced in this process which make the images not as sharp as required and may not have the depth like the images on a set with 1080p.

2. Brightness and contrast: The contrast or the contrast ratio is the difference between the lightest and darkest images a screen can produce. The most important factor in determining the quality of the image after resolution is contrast. Sometimes the blacks may appear gray and the contrast can be lower. The images in this case will appear to be washed out. The blacks have to be strong and deep for the images to be clear and sharp. All the colors will look appropriate. However, the methods used by the manufacturers for measuring the contrast do not help you any better to judge the screen. They use full-screen measurements, all white and all black in a dark room. When you look at the actual content you will get the lighting effects, internal reflections and all other crosstalk due to the lights from different sections of the image affecting each other.

3. The net connection: Most of the top brands of HDTVs provide internet connection with the help of a wireless or a cable. This helps you to view the content you have stored on your computer and access the net using a broadband service. Each time you will find new features getting added when compared to the previous models. So, it is the best choice to go for the latest models. For best results, try to get wireless connection with 802.11n.

4. 3D support: There are a wide range of 3D TVs for different price ranges. Though 3D is not a necessary factor, because there is not much 3D content, but still you can check that. TVs with 3D support does not mean that you have to watch everything with the 3D glasses on. You can watch everything in the 2D mode as well.

5. Size: The size really matters if you are looking for the HDTV with the maximum screen. It depends on the size of your room where you want to view the TV. Ensure to leave a gap of at least 12 to 13 feet from the TV, to make your viewing comfortable.

6. Energy star: The energy star logo by the U.S Department of Energy is very important. It sets the standards for the energy consumption of the appliances. The current standard is 4.0. So choose sets that have the logo because they are energy efficient and consume less energy.