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Minimalist Wall-lit light creates maximum delight


Created by Aussie designer Lorett Foth, the Wall-lit Light is a playful new design that uses a minimalist light source as a starting point and uses the interplay between the light it emits and the shadows it creates on various surfaces to dramatically alter a space. The lamp primarily uses Christmas lights fitted within acrylic rods that are held together with a rectangular wooden section. The main source of the light is hidden under the wood which does not allow the light to disperse.


Each acrylic rod is wrapped up in a matte material which is pale and translucent enough to let the light beamed from the center of the wooden frame to be seen outside as a soft glow. The covered surface of the rods also creates an optical tube effect and the bright burst of light is only seen at the end which contrasts with the softer light and casts interesting shadows on the walls and floors.

The lamp can be placed in both horizontal and vertical orientations and multiple units of the lamp can be placed together to cover a whole wall creating a light sculpture. The alternating placement of the rods within the frame also allows the light to be cast out in a geometric pattern.

Via: Cargo Collective