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Minimax washing machine lets you do the laundry nattily


Izzat Hisham
for single people and couples has come up with a washer named Jin Li iSky Mini Max. The Minimax washing machine is a compact and easy to use cleaner that lets the user to wash their stuff in the simplest form ever. The washer is instilled with advance technological system that gets activated when the user stands in front of it, whereas the ultrasonic sound helps enhancing the cleaning process. Navigating through the washing process becomes easy with the touch screen tech. The motion sensor helps detecting the user’s movement. If the user is within the range of the sensor, the motion sensor turns into sleep mode. If the red dot appears on the surface of the glass top, it means the washing machine is not in use.

The laundry basket is extends to the fullest due to the gravity pull of weight from the clothes. Once the process of washing is complete, gasket runs and compresses the laundry basket enabling the extra water to escape through the pores found around the laundry basket. The expansion and contraction of the washer makes the washing of clothes a fun process.