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Modular sofa-in-the-box for the posh homes

modular sofa

A building built with all modernity doesn’t give it the elegent and posh look that you want. The add ons for the interiors matter, not to mention the furnitures, contriblute to the over-all opinion about the building.

Oi brand introduces the modular sofa in white to suit all sober wall colours. This modular sofa, looks like many cubes or boxes arranged in order, enabling you to set it any feasible shape. Its rightly called sofa-in-a-box. The tetris style of design is to make packaging and shipping easy but invariably, thats what gives it the unique look. It is comfortable, with piano seat, arm rest, and back rest but can be reduced to a small, compact cube when not in use also making it easy to transport. 135 of these sofas can occupy the space occupied by 45 regular sofas. Enabling more number of sofas to be transported at a time, cuts the cost and energy contributing to a lot of goodness in an inderect way. this modular white sofa is quite affordable costing $2300

via : CINE