New Year’s Resolutions Your Neighbour Hopes You’ll Make

New Year’s Resolutions

How will you make this coming year better than the previous one? Let’s forget about everything except your own property. Perhaps if you solve a few challenges there, everything will seem better. After all, your home should be a haven.

You’re doing this for yourself but also for your neighbours because let’s face it, what goes on next door can influence everything from property value to how much you enjoy living in your house. So, is it a gardening service or pest control Melbourne neighbours wish you’ll employ this year?

We list the most important tasks to focus on first. Here’s how much positive change it can bring for you.

1. Be Proactive About Pests

Indoor PestsYou don’t want to arrive home and discover termites have caused damage or rats have taken over your home. This year, don’t wait until you find overwhelming proof of their presence. By being proactive you can prevent them from actually taking a stand on your property or you can at least get rid of them long before the colony is growing in size.

Look for those small signs of pests, such as hearing them at night or the fine residue left by them after visiting your pantry. Simply be more attentive and you’ll know the moment it’s time to call the professionals. Melbourne pest control vendors can also assist with preventative measures to ensure the pests don’t return. Partner with an expert so you limit risk and frustration this year.

2. Cut Away Those Shrubs

This tip firstly goes with our first piece of advice, because you’ll be surprised how plants can attract pests. Cut away shrubs so they don’t touch your home because this greenery is a popular hiding place for termites. You don’t want to give these insects easy access directly to your house structure.

Also cut away trees’ branches so they don’t push against your home. Your neighbours don’t want to hear the noise of it scratching at night and neither of you want the roof tiles to start cracking. It’s unseemly for aesthetic reasons and it’s expensive to replace. Also, the damage could allow moisture to access your roof cavity.

Can you see how much positive outcomes you’ll have by getting your gardening up to date?

3. Transform Your Front Door

Transform Your Front DoorCurb appeal is important for everyone in your street. Homeowners want to live in neighbourhoods that look cared for and don’t you want to feel proud of your asset when you arrive home?

If you can’t afford a total upgrade now, why not simply change your front door area, by giving it a coat of paint or adding some flower boxes to that zone? It’s one of the first places you, your visitors and neighbours notice, so it’s a small fix with a huge impact.

4. Take Your Dog for Proper Training

If you own pets, you know they influence how you feel in general. As much as they can cheer you up, if they misbehave, chances are that you feel frustrated the rest of the day. Once again, here’s a situation you can enforce a lot of control over and prevent unnecessary problems.

You can start by monitoring everyone’s behaviour to your dog. If the wrong actions are rewarded, such as simply laughing when your dog makes a mess in the house, it will think it’s acceptable. Only give positive reinforcement when your dog is acting correctly or obeying your direct commands. Over time positive reinforcement can bring good results without you raising your voice and increasing your stress levels. If you have a dog that seems untrainable, put in the time, effort and money to go to dog training classes.

Why does this matter to you and your neighbour as well? An unruly dog may bark too much and frustrate the neighbours or attack them when they visit. This can spark conflict, so rather get it sorted.

5. Invest in Storage

separate-space-for-clutterGive your property a good look from the street and be honest. Do you have a lot of clutter standing around? Do the same in each room of your house. Do you realise you’re once again creating places for pests to easily move in on your property? Also, you’re ruining aesthetics and subconsciously the chaos could affect your mood negatively.

Set aside a weekend, gather the clutter and determine what you need to keep. Throw away junk and put the rest in storage if you don’t have space for it all. This is even a helpful tip for winter clothing or family heirlooms, so you have more space available.

Improve your space at home and you’ll enhance how you feel when you’re there. And of course, your neighbours will appreciate the new, clean look.

Final Words

You can’t control exterior factors like the economy or politics. But you can change many things on your property for the better. These maintenance and homeowner tips will ensure the neighbours don’t become disgruntled but most importantly it will help you, now and in the long run.

So, get some courage for the new year because you can be more empowered in life than you think.

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