No snooze alarm clock will get you out of bed!


The purpose of an alarm is basically to wake up the user…but often we set the alarm to only turn it off, right? Designer Vivek Sasindran is here with a smart alarm clock that ensures you wake up to its tune!

What’s different? It’s a small cylindrical alarm clock with a strap that needs to be lifted up and rotated continuously for 1.5 minutes. The minimum rotation allowed is 2 rotations per second. If the user goes slower than this, the beep of the alarm increases and the alarm resets to default, which asks the user to start the whole process again. Also there’s a green flickering light at the top of the display, which emits bright light from the first beep of the alarm and stops only when the alarm is stopped in a proper manner.


Unlike existing alarm clocks in which after applying the snooze, the user has a tendency to remove the battery and go back to sleep again, this alarm clock is powered using in-built electrically charged batteries. So, if you’re a lazy snoozer who gets late at work every morning, this cool alarm clock could be just the right pick for you!

Thanks Vivek!

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