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Open your mind by opening the door the digital way

Open Your Mind Digital Door Lock

‘Do not disturb’, ‘I am delighted and in full spirits’, ‘I am upset’ – these and more such emotions need to be communicated in a right manner for better understanding and support from loved ones. What if there was a device to do it for you in a simple manner? Now there does seem a helping hand coming your way.

Open Your Mind is such a digital locking system, which will not just lock your door but also open your mind and reflect your current mood. When using this device, the next time you lock the door to your room, make sure to do it in the “Open your Mind” way. Simply press the smiley face button when you are feeling happy and the tired face button for sad emotions. The locking mechanism is also equally simple. A secure key has to be entered and then confirmed. When you open or unlock the door, it will automatically show your mood sign to the visitor. The indicator conveys your current mood to those around you who would then be able to decide if they should approach you or just stay away until the mood indicator changes. This digital door lock service design is not just modern but also gives a way to our minds to open when we open the door.