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How to Pack a Backpack

A well packed backpack can be easy on your back and avoid a handsome amount of trouble later on. It is very essential for the backpack to be organized properly so that it should contain all that you would require while traveling. Missing out on any important article will simply make you irritated. It is, thus, recommended that you should first make a list of all the things that you require and also that you must pack your bag a day or two in advance so that even if you do not have something, you will be able to arrange for it in due time. Read on to learn more how you can pack your backpack properly.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time Required: 30-45 minutes

Resources Required:

  1. Bag pack
  2. Sleeping pad and bag
  3. Tents
  4. Granola bar
  5. First aid Box
  6. Clothes
  7. Food
  8. Cooking gear-stove and utensils


1. Prepare a list

Prepare a list of all the articles that you will need to carry in your pack. Refer to your friends for the list of articles you would require.

2. Start packing the utilities

Start your packing once you are done with the preparation of your list and you have all the things you require. Dab in your sleeping pad first in the pack; it is strong, durable and a very essential utility. Put your sleeping bag next inside the pack. You will have to make smart choice when it comes to what all you will be carrying as too much of stuff will increase the load and if you miss out on something important you will face troubles during the trip. You will have to distribute the supplies according to their utility and weight. You must place the tent and other heavy items in the middle of the pack. Put your cooking gears like a small stove or utensils next.

3. Strap some weight outside the bag pack

You can carry some of the crucial equipment like your tents, sleeping bags, etc outside the bag. Just make sure they are strong enough to stand the wear and tear while you are on the trip.

4. Food

You will also need to carry your own food for the trip. You can never rely for your food requirements at an unknown place. Keep the food in easily accessible part of the bag pack. Use labeled zip pouches, foils, etc to store your food. This will ensure that the food stays safe and fresh. Plan your meals properly. You will need more calories on a trip than any other normal day. Carry good amount of dry snacks for occasional munching.

5. Dry Clothes

You must always carry extra clothes during trips as you never know what situation you might have to face. Carry light clothes that are comfortable. Carry good quality socks of knee length and best hiking boots to protect your legs from abrasion and your feet from getting blisters. Use the empty pockets of your pack for clothes.

6. First aid

You must always keep a small handy first aid box inside your bag pack. You never know what situation turns up before you during the trip. Be prepared for the worse. What all you keep inside the first aid box depends on the location of your trip.

7. Carry some survival gear

You will also have to carry some additional survival gears. Keep some granola bars, Swiss knife, matchsticks, etc. Plan ahead, expect the unexpected and then pack your stuff. Do not miss out on anything important.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the same backpack for a mountain trip as well as for one to the forest?

No, you can not use the same backpack as for both the trips as your requirements will be a lot different. For a forest trip, you will need more clothes as compared to those for a mountain trip. For a mountain trip, you might require good woolens. You might also need a mosquito net for your forest trip which will not be needed for mountain trip.

Quick Tips:

  • Pack your bag in advance to avoid last minute rush for things.
  • Make a list prior to packing so that you can double check your packing.

Things To Watch Out For:

  • Make sure you are carrying a reliable pack, you obviously do not want the pack to ditch you during your trip.
  • Keep the shoulder straps of your pack loose.