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Smart interactive wardrobe for fashion conscious geeks

smart closetGeeks rejoice! A truly Smart Closet to take care of you geeky looks is finally here. The SMART CLOSET, or hi-tech wardrobe, is invented by the Researchers in the wearable computer laboratory at the University of South Australia.

Curious to know how this Smart system functions? Check out below:

1) The closet has a computer system built in. It’s designed to take care of your schedule and what you have to wear.
2) It can be connected to the Internet that can suggest choice of clothing.
3) The electronic technology works by linking electronic hangers and clothes that are embedded with tiny electronic panels to an in-closet computer.
4) The colour, fabric and cleaning instructions for a particular garment are stored in the panels that are sewn into a collar or sleeve. So, leave the worries about when your clothes have to be given for dry cleaning.
5) Each electronic hanger has its own ID and metal connection and this metal band in the rail detects the hangers and their smart garments. It means this will not let you hear comments like “Oh no not again, you wore the same dress”.
6) Wireless monitoring and data downloads are some of the other features of this technology.

Via: TheRawFeed