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Pillow Talk: Stay connected to you long-distance partner!

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It’s really not a good feeling to go to bed without your partner and if they are far away, you can chat, text message or talk over the phone or lay your head down on your pillow and talk. You read it just right! The ‘Pillow Talk’ Interaction Design Student Joanna Montgomery combines emotions and technology for its one techie pillow that brings long distance lovers closer…so close that they can hear the real-time heartbeat of their loved one! Ans the credit goes to sensor fitted into a wearable chest strap to be worn by the user to bed at night. If your partner goes to bed, the others’ pillow glows in indication. The mechanism involving a flat panel with the circuit, small speakers and lights lets the two lovers to be in touch…not literally but you actually feel connected. Lay your head on the Pillow Talk and let your partner wish you good night!

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Via: Gizmodiva