RAPTOR 21S: The Pinnacle of Towable Boom Lifts


The RAPTOR 21S stands out in the market of towable boom lifts with its robust design, impressive reach, and advanced features. Designed to deliver both power and precision, this tracked lift combines extensive capabilities with ease of use, making it ideal for a variety of demanding environments such as construction sites, industrial settings, and even delicate indoor locations.

Compact Design and Robust Performance

The RAPTOR 21S is not only compact but also robust, engineered to perform in diverse settings. With a maximum working height of 20.80 meters and a lateral outreach of 10.30 meters, it provides exceptional reach. The platform supports a payload of 230 kg, accommodating two operators and their materials without any limitations across the entire working area. This capability ensures that the RAPTOR 21S can handle hefty loads with ease, enhancing productivity on any job site.

Enhanced Safety and Control

Safety and operational control are paramount in the design of the RAPTOR 21S. It features automatic stabilization and closing systems, which streamline the setup and dismantling processes, significantly reducing the risk of operator error and enhancing overall safety. The addition of a multifunctional remote control allows for precise manipulation of the aerial parts, offering both safety and comfort to the operator. This remote system not only facilitates the movements of the lift but also ensures that operators can maintain a safe distance when necessary, adding an extra layer of safety during operation.

Versatility and Eco-Friendly Operation

Versatility is another significant advantage of the RAPTOR 21S. It features a bi-energy system as standard, combining a diesel engine with a 230V electric motor. This setup enables the lift to operate with zero emissions, which is crucial for indoor use in environments such as churches, airports, and factories where air quality is a concern. The extendable tracks of the lift, equipped with white non-marking treads, make it suitable for delicate flooring, ensuring no damage during indoor operations.

The lift’s aerial part boasts a 380º rotation capability and is complemented by a hydraulic jib and double articulated arm, which together enhance work maneuverability. This feature allows operators to reach difficult areas with precision, making the RAPTOR 21S one of the most adaptable lifts on the market.

Conclusion: A Leader in its Class

The RAPTOR 21S towable boom lift is a true leader in its class, providing unmatched strength, stability, and versatility. Its compact design does not compromise its robust performance, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With features like bi-energy capability and advanced safety controls, the RAPTOR 21S is designed for businesses that require the best in aerial lift technology. Whether for construction, maintenance, or indoor industrial applications, the RAPTOR 21S ensures high performance and safety, solidifying its place as a top choice for professionals across industries.

Including images of the RAPTOR 21S in action, showcasing its versatility and compactness, would further highlight the unique attributes that make this lift an essential tool for modern aerial work.

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