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Revio: Techie switches with simple user interface

switch HhUSR 1822

There seems to be an ever increasing growth and development in the light-switch industry. The Revio by FirstHand Design being the newest addition! Hi-tech touch sensitive programmable switches combine a simple user interface, infinite configurability and superb design.

What’s different? Going beyond high tech these switches have on/off switch combined with a rotary control for raising and lowering the scene or channel/zone lighting level. Multiple configurations and re-programming for light settings, the rotary bezel with a tactile click and a soft rubber grip, a ‘clean’ switch, which when pressed allows the panel to be cleaned without changing the light levels, recyclable parts of the panel, backlit touch sensitive scene buttons, the energy efficient pre-set programs of lightings, choice of icons and text language included in the design are the cool traits that set these sexy switches apart.

Via: Dvice