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Siemens Porsche toaster – An early morning blessing!

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There’s nothing like a good breakfast to make your day. And that is precisely what brought two different companies together – to help you start your day with style and vigor with freshly toasted breads. The TT911P2 2 – Slice is the latest toaster in the market, born out of a collaborative effort from Siemens and Porsche. Apart from its auto-adjust technology that helps it to adapt to bread of any thickness, the toaster is armed with a special LED Display countdown that lights up when the toast is ready. With its 11 different levels of browning and a memory device that enables it to remember which level was used last, the toaster sounds like a sharp gizmo indeed! Its quartz heating system, teamed up with a crumb tray rates of the best quality, and so is its flawless cool-wall technology. Available for £99 or $174, the TT911P2 2 – Slice is nothing less than an early morning blessing!

Via : Gizmodiva