Simple Strategies for Avoiding Common Curb Appeal Mistakes

Simple Strategies for Avoiding Common Curb Appeal Mistakes

Curb appeal is an essential part of any good real estate strategy. When selling a house, it’s the first thing most buyers will see, both in listing photos and in person, so it’s crucial that it sends the right message. Despite what we’re told when we’re young, buyers tend to judge homes based on their looks. If their first glance isn’t favourable, it’s unlikely you’ll get a second chance to prove them wrong.

Curb appeal helps draw buyers in but also can help drive up your home’s final sale price — when it’s done correctly. When it’s not, it can have the opposite effect. There are some critical missteps that sellers tend to make when it comes to their curb appeal, which can be detrimental.

Read on to learn what the top curb appeal mistakes are and how you can avoid making them when it’s time to sell your house.

1.   Too Much Clutter

Any realtor in Oshawa knows that clutter is a big problem when trying to sell a house. Not only does it make your home look messy and disorganized, but it also distracts from everything you want buyers to look at. You should be working to highlight the selling features of your home, but if buyers are distracted by all your personal items cluttered around your property, they’re not going to see them, or at least not fully appreciate them.

If your property is full of clutter, whether it’s lawn care items, toys, bicycles, decorations or furniture, it’s important to clear it away. Anything that doesn’t have a specific reason to be there should be packed up or put away in its proper place so that buyers can see your home in all its glory.

2.   Poorly Maintained Lawn

Lawn care might not be your cup of tea, but when you’re listing your house, it’s essential that you stay on top of it or hire someone else to. A simple lawn mowing isn’t enough, either. Bare patches in the grass need to be filled in, any plants and flowers need to be alive and healthy, bushes and shrubs should be trimmed, grass cut and manicured, leaves raked, and flowers deadheaded.

It’s a lot of work, but a poorly maintained lawn and garden is like having a giant billboard on your property saying you don’t take care of your home. However, when you put the work in and have a healthy and thriving lawn, it sends the message that you’re willing to put a little TLC in to keep your home at its best.

3.   Neglecting the Entryway

The front door is where it’s at when you’re selling your house. It is the focal point of your home; the first thing buyers see up close and what welcomes buyers inside. It’s common for homeowners not to realize as wear and tear slowly diminishes the look of your front door, which is why homeowners often forget to spruce it up before listing their homes. But potential buyers will definitely notice chipped paint, warping and general disrepair when they walk up to your front door.

Your front door can be fixed up with some sanding and a fresh coat of paint, or you can invest in a replacement, as front doors come with an extremely high return on investment.

Avoid making these common curb appeal mistakes so you can get the interest your home deserves from potential buyers.

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