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Smeg L23LIN: Fuel less gas fire!

Smeg L23LIN Flueless Gas Fire

Get ready to enjoy a more hygienic and health friendly flueless gas fire that promises warmth, no matter which part of the room you are.Designed in the UK, Smeg’s 23LIN Linear Series fuel less gas fire is a marvelous combination of elegant glass and cool stainless steel. Interestingly, it matches all the appliances in Linear range. You just ensure natural gas supply, running through a standard 8mm gas pipe to the fire installation point including, adequate ventilation, and a minimum room size (23-30 cubic metres), this way fuel less gas fire would be ready to serve you.

Features separating 23LIN from traditionally used heating equipments are – it requires neither a chimney nor fuel to operate. Moreover, combustion gases are passed through a catalytic converter system, where the carbon monoxide from the air is converted into harmless carbon dioxide. So, what more you can dream about a heating system?