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Snaidero’s Kube – An ultra-modern dynamic kitchen to vie for!

snaideros kube
This is truly an owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy. The ultra-modern dynamic kitchen from Snaidero called Kube is no doubt a thing to vie for. Simple as its name suggests, this up-to-the-minute kitchen is going to be showcased at Eurocucina 2008. The shape of this dynamic kitchen shows off basic shapes including alluring prism, squares and simple horizontal-vertical lines. One can easily be stunned at the superimposing metaphor that is created with the very chic and subtle colors and trendy materials one can lay hands on today. It uses materials like aluminium and glass for a visual illusion. While it provides optimal workspace utility, it is neatly functional and fits perfectly well to your modern interior.

Snaidero’s Kube is highly organized and versatile. It comes along with impressive lights and easy to store and use shelves in different work units made of either Marble, Quartz, Stainless Steel, Ecorite or Solid Surface. This compact yet so practical kitchen keeps in mind the modern worries for space and provides required storage areas. Depending on taste, choose the ‘fitted to the wall’ or the island version.

Source: DeZona