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Sofa for the `individual’ in a couple

Infinity sofa

Geometric shapes have always been a favorite with furniture designers who used the cubist movement as a background to pioneer iconic pieces like the sectional sofa. Brussels-based design studio Ahsayane have taken the thought one step further by incorporating the mathematical symbol of infinity into their latest sofa design.

Infi∞nity Sofa-1

The Infi∞nity Sofa is not exactly a couch but it isn’t a love seat either. The sofa is composed of two separate seating sections that are joined literally at the hip. The leather-finished sofa has an aluminum frame and symbolizes the individual within a couple.

The sofa appears to be a reactionary piece to the love seat that immediately brings the image of a sickeningly in love couple that can’t keep their hands off each other. The Infi∞nity works in the exact opposite manner – keep two people connected and close to each other but without letting either invade the private space of the other.

Via: The Design Home