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Sofa that will hug you!

 wsb 484x302 sofamesleeping2

Want a hug? Ask your sofa to hug you! Am i sounding foolish? Well, no more you’ll feel the same. The cool and comfy sofa made in collaboration with Amelie Labarthe for Ercol hugs you when you want it to. Endowed with hair cushions that you can stroke, brush and hairdress yourself, the “Sofa So Good” is actually a kinda home furniture item that none will say no when asked if you wanna take it home. The very first look is so inviting. The cute lil’ sofa is exhibited at the Designersblock’s stand, at Birmingham Interiors Show 2010.

 wsb 484x322 sofa1
 wsb 483x321 sofa2cushions
 wsb 484x295 sofaplangeneral
 wsb 484x295 sofaplangeneral
 wsb 484x351 sofacoussinsensemble
Via: Elisabethbuecher