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+SOLO1LIBRO+ is a unique Lampade-cum-Minilibreria

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+SOLO1LIBRO+ is one of a kind Minilibreria, which is a unique transformation of desk/book shelf for furnishing any kind of homes. This concept is produced by the Italian architect Alessandra Corsi to match the stylish interiors of modern homes. Although this minilibreria is considered for placing single book at a time due to its design architect, it can be placed at any corner of your home-walls be it by the bed, bath or living room. Further it is divided in two parts in form of an H-shaped disc, where the first disc is used for small carrier that resembles an aluminum coil having diameter of 15cm.


It also comes with an LED strip that spreads the pleasant light required for reading area in form of a lamp which acts as a great help in saving energy. While the second part comprises of colorful loops that acts as a cord made up of rubber. The first loop of the cord is used for placing the book, which eases to remember the page from where it was left at the last reading. And the final part of the cable hangs freely to the end for connecting faucet to power the LEDs. Hence, it is a unique houseware to furnish with and at the same time helps in energy saving.

Via: Behance