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Sonnabend Gallery readies for Jean Royère’s retrospective


New York’s Sonnabend Gallery is undergoing some major transformations. Acclaimed architect and designer India Mahdavi is using her creative genius to incorporate elements of color, and stuff like carpets, curtains and “funky” wallpapers in an otherwise minimalist gallery. All these preparations are being undertaken to host the retrospective exhibition on the oeuvre of the celebrated 20th century designer Jean Royère (1902-1981). Old curators of the gallery Patrick Seguin and Jacques Lacostewill reunite to present the retrospective exhibition.

Nearly 100 different pieces of Royère – including rare “Flaque” low table, a “visiteur du soir” model settee, the emblematic “Ours Polaire” sofa, the “Starlette” bed, and a plethora of lighting fixtures, such as the “Persan,” the “Eiffel Tower,” and the “Mushroom” – will be on show in New York. Jean Royère had burst on to the designing scene in 1933 in Paris, and from there went on to receive much fame. He was revered for his unconventional approach and handled a slew of international projects. After having a distinguished career, the artist passed away in the United States in 1981. The Sonnabend Gallery is undergoing quite a big transformation – an “abstraction of a Royère world” – to host the big exhibit. Hopefully, the backdrop would be as powerful as Jean Royère’s creations.

Via: Artdaily