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Spacearium, The Wall Hung Aquarium!


Any room could liven up if you placed an aquarium in any of its corners, or maybe a huge one on its wall. Yes you heard me right, for a Canadian company Aquarium ASP has fashioned the amazing Spacearium which is a lean aquarium that can be hung on the wall. It can serve as a vibrant room divider, a thing to lighten up the place , or merely as a decorative installation. It has a filtration system that can be located far from the tank, around fifteen feet of distance, avoiding the mess around it. Depending on its length, the television like aquarium can hold 55 and 73 gallons water for the fresh or the salt-water fish that you choose to rest in it. You could brighten up your abode by spending around $4,900 to $8,400, excluding the installation charges.

Via: Dvice