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StairCASE: Reach the top with ease

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Build large cabinets at home all you want but if you are short than this arrangement is more a bane than a boon. Then it is back to buying small stools and the like to reach the top. Danny Kuo, a designer living in China, has conceptualized shelves for home that appeal to common sense. His “StairCASE” is designed to be a space saver and does so by stacking up shelves. Reaching to the top of the room itself, StairCASE seems to have a lot of area to fulfill our storage needs. The tallness of the structure does not, however, lead to discomfiture in its use. A short man is allowed access to its upper shelves via a creative arrangement. StairCASE consists of sliding panels that can turn into a little staircase and allow access to all the stuff stored at the top. StairCASE was designed considering the fact that to utilize the space better, furniture needs to grow in height than in width. Quite clearly this is one item that wants ready transformation to beyond just the prototype stage.

Via: TrendsNow