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Stay ‘In-Formed’!

in formed furniture

In-Formed by Nadeem Haidary is indubitably what you call a true innovation! What’s different about it? Well, it’s a product design consisting of three household objects used in day-to-day life, augmented with statistical data. Designed with the aim to seep the quantitative data into the products like utensils, faucet and garbage bin to provide for a more intuitive context and create a memorable experience that ensures a change in people’s behavior and attitude.


‘Caloric Consumption’- utensils like fork, plates with statistical data let you measure the intakes, caloric consumption per capita in various countries and regions. The information lets you compare one’s cultural eating habits with the rest of the world. The surface area of each plate is scaled in proportion to the amount of food consumed. Each prong on the fork represents a different country’s caloric intake per capita.

‘Water Usage’- A water faucet that shows the relative amount of water consumed each time the faucet is used.

‘Waste Production’- Waste bin that measures the personal or household waste in terms of its weight in pounds. The weight of the garbage changes the angle of the waste bin, making it less inviting and giving one a visual cue as to how much trash has been thrown away.

Via: Infosthetics