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Sunny Side Up Cutlery – Garnishing the dining area

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Now when you come to think of it, in the modern-day table mannerism, forks, spoons and knives are actually a man’s second pair of hands. Why then should they be made to lay down when other pieces of cutlery like glasses and bowls stand upright? The intensity of functional utility requires for them to stand high and hence, this tableware from Israel’s top design schools’ students is something different. Another reason why this table stands tall is because it emulates nature. Sunflowers face the sun and trees are towering natural entities, then people who wish to create a collection that is by and large inspired by nature would look for the same posture! Sunny Side Up Cutlery is a novelty and incorporates elements of uniqueness, poetics and humor in quotidien objects! Set the table with a purpose now, it’s time to invent the wheel again!

Via: Core77